Monday, May 02, 2011

Inspiration #14 - Felted crafts

Upplagd av Madeleine kl. 22:05
Another technique I haven't tried yet. :)
Enjoy some photos from Flickr!

Mini Felted Bowls

shop update :: felted water bottle carriers

Felted Wool Bowl

Felted mossy green bag with needle felted flowers

Bracelet - Into the Spring

Poppy-girl-Needle felted soft sculpture - Waldorf Inspired-For custom orders

French Press Felted Slippers, finished

5 kommentarer:

lovestitch said...

Such a great inspiration! I've never tried before too... Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a beautiful week! x

mosteringalisa said...

Har gått en kurs i nåltovning,vilket var jätteroligt men man kan ju också våttova och maskintova.Man får väl prova sig fram lite men man kan ju helt klart göra fantastiskt fina saker.

skapa och inreda said...

helt underbara bilder!

Happy in red said...

I love the beadie bracelet!

Mia said...

Oh how beautiful felts, thank you for having me in there too! And you really should try it sometimes, it's quite easy and so much FUN!

Happiest first week of May and many greetings from Finland!


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