Saturday, January 05, 2013

Knitted mug! (Stickad glöggmugg!)

Upplagd av Yarn-Madness kl. 16:00
At the sales between Christmas and New years eve, I came across these cute mugs with a knitted texture. I almost regret that I never bought any - they fit a yarn maniac so well! They're meant for mulled wine, which is very popular in Sweden around Christmas - is it where you come from, as well?
These can be found here.


På mellandagsredan fick jag syn på dessa glöggmuggar i porslin, med en stickad yta. Jag ångrar nästan att jag inte köpte mig några, de passar ju en garngalning så bra! Du hittar dem här.

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WildflowerWool said...

They are cute, we don't have mulled wine here.

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